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Homework Helpers

How Stuff Works
Explains how many things around us work, such as, engines, computers, ATM machines, things around the house and much more. This site also includes some science experiments you can do.

Basic Anatomy
An introduction to the body and it’s many systems

Where History lives on the Web.

Having trouble with science homework? This site explains the basics of chemistry, biology & physics. You can also get E-Mail help with a specific problem.

Stuck on a math problem? Try this site, type in your problem and within seconds the computer tells you how to do the problem and gives the answer. Covers everyday math to physics problems.

World History
Timeline information about historical events, people and places from the ancient to the present.

Renaissance to 19th Century Art
Over 1,200 art sites, more than 32,000 links to over 100,000 works.  Images can be browsed or specifically searched.

The Land of Quotes
Need a quote from contemporary notables, such as Maya Angelou and Steve Wozniak? Then this is the place to go.

Shakespeare’s Complete Works
Need to read Shakespeare? Plays arranged by tragedy, comedy or classic.

Forms for searching dictionaries, thesaurus, maps, currency converters all in one place.

More Elements
Visually appealing but slightly technical

Hands on Science museum in San Francisco. Teaches while entertaining.

Science Fair Projects and More

Series & sequels
Is it Among the Brave or Among the Barons that I need to read next?  A comprehensive website that allows searching by series, title, author & subject.  Very easy to navigate.

Fun Sites

A web index just for women and girls created by CyberGirl! This site will lead you to careers, health, business and all things feminine.

College Information Sites

Petersons College Guide
Information on accredited online courses to financial aid programs.

Check this site before purchasing your textbooks from the campus bookstore. This site provides the reading list for over 600 colleges. If your college is not among them check for the required text by subject or author. Carries both used and new textbooks.

College Board
Searchable list of high school and college codes, plus help and information on finding and applying to college.

Scholarship searching the easy way. Access to more then 180,000 scholarships, fellowships, grants and loans.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid is the site to visit for help in completing this often confusing form. Put on by the U.S. Department of Education.

Sallie Mae
A 350 page site that helps students, parents, and financial administrators find all their options on federal and private aid programs.

College View Search
Look for colleges by criteria, then link to colleges for firsthand information.

Online college applications and Financial Aid information.